Gott’s († 80) birth anniversary: ​​IVAN PAID OVER THE POCKET

A family headed by a widow Ivana Gottovou (44) she asked the cemetery staff if they would oversee the events around his grave on the anniversary of the singer’s birth. Mainly to prevent a fire from hundreds of burning candles on the record or around the last resting place of the legendary singer, as happened in January this year. “We are already monitoring the situation around the grave site of Master Karel Gott at the request of his loved ones. We pay the most attention to Tuesday, July 14, when the anniversary of Mr. Gott’s birth, “he told the daily Aha! Director of the Administration of Prague Cemeteries Karel Kobliha.

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be careful
“Please do not place burning candles recklessly under bushes or near floral decorations,” advises Oldřiška Dvořáčková, a spokeswoman for the Prague Cemetery Administration, to fans and Gott’s colleagues, saying that this applies to other grave facilities. As the weather is not hot and dry, cemetery administrators do not yet have to ban the placement of burning candles. “For example, in the Malvazin cemetery alone, there were five smaller fires last year caused by unruly visitors to cemeteries,” added spokeswoman Dvořáčková.

The fans are crying
Many of Gott’s fans, who came to Malvazinky this weekend to pay their respects to the memory of their idol, did not shed tears. “I was very moved because I loved him! Only here does one fully realize that he is no longer with us, “she told the daily Aha! Pavlína from Ostrava, who spent a weekend with her family in Prague. “Sweet boy, you are missing here,” said the tearful Mrs. Věra from Příbram shortly after her.

Politicians will also arrive
According to the daily Aha !, he is preparing for the tomb of Karel Gott on the anniversary of his birth. and many politicians. Among other things, the prime minister Andrej Babiš (65). The cardinal is also to come Dominik Duka (77), who last October served a funeral mass for the deceased singer in the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Water connection
In addition to the singer’s grave, the widow Ivana had a water connection built in cooperation with the cemetery administration, thanks to which people are closer to water for watering flowers on or around the grave. Thanks to the connected hose, Gott regularly wateres the manicured lawn so that her husband has it beautiful in the place of his last rest.

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