Government demining operation on rising fuel prices


To silence the discontent, the government is considering different ways such as the expansion of beneficiaries of the energy coupon or the tax exemption of transport assistance.

A service station in Grand-Quevilly, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

One week on the day of the mobilization to protest the rise in fuel prices, on 17 November, the executive organized the response. "We are working on this topic" said Francois de Rugy, the minister of ecological transition and solidarity, Friday 9 November on France Info. First piece considered, "Expand the number of beneficiaries" energy control, which must already increase on average from 150 to 200 euros in 2019. Then generalize and tax exempt transport aid paid by some regions, such as Hauts-de-France.

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The conversion bonus, a "get out" to end up with polluting cars

" We [allons] look (…) support for families who work away from home, sometimes do 50, 60 km a day and have low incomes " Mr. de Rugy explained. And to specify: "I speak for the state, I will not tell the regions you have to do this or that." An answer to the dissatisfaction of the regions after the desire expressed on Tuesday 6 November by Emmanuel Macron to generalize this device, while it is financed by the communities.

Finally, the conversion premium could be extended to "big wheels" even if their vehicle is not as old as the device requires. The government is also planning to double the number of bonuses (from 500,000 to 1 million bonuses financed over the five-year period). When asked about the cost of these measures, Mr. de Rugy replied that the executive is "Encrypt all this". AFP cites between 400 and 500 million euros of aid, including the already announced increase in energy control (200 million euros).

"Not a tax pot"

"We are rather on the high option" help devices, welcomes Matthieu Orphelin, an MP from LRM, close to Nicolas Hulot. It also stresses that, according to the proposed amendment financial law presented on Wednesday, the national energy consumption tax is expected to generate € 309 million of additional tax revenue this year. "It is not a fiscal dish, but it is still a good endowment to finance new measures for the ecological transition", says Mr. Orphelin.

Fuel distributors committed themselves to transmit the daily drop in crude oil prices at the pump, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Thursday.

All this will suffice to calm the rumbling? According to the CLCV consumer advocacy association, the Prime Minister's services would have clarified it "To remove the house tax for 80% of the French, we have to increase taxes on fuel significantly". "False news"Matignon replied Friday morning.


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