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Government of Mexico suggests to Liga MX that the public return until 2021

With the Liga MX on decisive days to define whether to cancel or resume Clausura 2020 and in full assimilation of the news of the 8 Santos players with Coronavirus, the federal government has a suggestion: go back behind closed doors and that the fans return to the stadiums until 2021.

In interview with Mediotiempo, the director of Health Promotion of the federal government, Ricardo Cortésexplained that the Mexican soccer could return behind closed doors once the contagion trend is down, which is expected to happen around July.

The official mentioned that before that, footballers could start training, as long as they are under sanitary surveillance and no contagions, although in Torreón this Wednesday it was known that eight footballers of the first team tested positive for Covid-19, although they are asymptomatic.

“Watching their health they can return to the fields to train behind closed doors, only the people necessary for the work and then think about return to competition probably in July”, Explained via telephone to Halftime.


Although the federal government asked Liga MX clubs to pay attention to the traffic lights in their localities, Dr. Cortés recommends that soccer fans go to stadiums until 2021, once there is “herd immunity”, that is, when fewer people are likely to get it because they have already suffered from the disease and will be immune.

“It depends on the situation we have, but if by 2021 the herd immunity to the virus It will be a good measure to wait until then and in the meantime play behind closed doors, if that is the way it is for the owners of the teams, ”he said.

In addition, he mentioned that it is important to play behind closed doors because otherwise they would not only favor contagions among the local fans, but also the displacement of visiting fans to other cities.


Dr. Cortés referred to the possibility of the tournament being resumed with all teams in one city. However, he recalled that it would still be important to play behind closed doors.

“If you play behind closed doors in two or three stadiums as some cities have, such as Guadalajara, it is a good way, but what would happen if you had a green light, maybe in an America against Cruz Azul there will be people from Mexico City who will want to go there to see your team; They could be sick and take the disease to that city, “he added.

“Each state has a different behavior from the epidemic and if we say October (reopen the people), for example, it would be a mistake because we do not know if in that month the epidemic is going to be like in Mexico City and then it will have to restrict activity. ”

This Wednesday, the government of the Mexico City He also ruled in this regard, noting that approximately the 1st of July Sports activities could return, although without an audience and with previous tests for athletes.

This is because by that time the “reactivation traffic light” should already be in orange, after they contemplate it is in red at least until June 15, with the peak of hospitalized in the country’s capital on June 3.

However, the conditions for Liga MX to return to activity depend on other factors, such as the agreement between teams, players, television stations, which must be defined this week or no later than Monday of the next.

Several teams have spoken out to cancel the tournament and better to think about the Opening 2020 of the second semester of the year, for which it pays the case of the Santos players.



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