Government to take strict action against moves to delegate elections


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs coordinator Wiranto said the government will take a severe action against any group or individual seeking to delegitimize the 2019 general elections. He added that the government would form a team for this.

"This team will study the words, actions and ideologies of certain public figures, whoever they are, if they commit a violation and act against the law," he said today in his office.

The team, according to Wiranto, will be composed of constitutional law experts and university professors.

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Wiranto also invited those who continue to try to destroy the unity of the nation, delegitimizing state organizations and spreading slanders to stop doing so. He also warned that the forces of order would not hesitate to act firmly against offenders.

The general of 2019 elections"The organizers are completing the vote count, now they are entering the final phase.




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