Governors go for 20 million doses

The members of the Association of Governors of National Action (GOAN) and the president of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, reported that there is an opportunity and willingness for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to sell them 20 million vaccines, and they could be delivered in April and June, and between July and December the complement.

At a press conference after a meeting that the members of GOAN had in Tampico, Tamaulipas, the governors said that until now the states of Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo, Durango, Yucatán, Querétaro and Sonora have the intention to acquire doses.

On behalf of the GOAN, the governor of Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez, reported that the mechanism to acquire the vaccines would be through the macro contract that the federal government has with said pharmaceutical company, and said that they do intend to deliver them, that they only the signature of the Ministry of Health (Ssa) is required to receive them.

Domínguez Servién revealed that in April they would receive a million and a half vaccines; 7 million in June, and the rest between July and December, but they only need the signature of the Ssa for this consolidated purchase.

“Specifically, it is Pfizer’s disposition, if we add ourselves to the macro contract of the federal government, between the governors who want and have the possibility to gather a purchase stock of 20 million vaccines in which there is all the availability of all we go to the purchase, and Pfizer mentions that it could deliver a million and a half vaccines in April, 7 million in June and the rest from July to December; however, we need the signature of the Ssa ”, revealed the Queretaro.

The governor recalled that there was a discussion last Thursday between the National Conference of Governors (Conago) and the federal cabinet, and explained that the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, left very early, and they stayed with the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer , and the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, debating the issue, but no conclusion was reached.

“We are going to continue insisting, because what we want is to help immunize all our entities faster, because this is not political, nor are we going to make electoral use of the vaccine, we want to help the federal government so that in the state of Aguascalientes, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo, Durango, Yucatán, Querétaro and Sonora immunize our populations very quickly, ”said Domínguez.

In this context, the president of the GOAN, the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, assured that Mexico is suffering an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, for which the PAN leaders decreed specific measures to reduce its effects, such as the mandatory use of face masks, testing and the hospital supply was increased.

González said on January 25, when the presidential decree was published so that the leaders could purchase the vaccine, that they have not purchased a single dose.

However, they have already contacted the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Pfizer and CanSino, and with the Russians, but “at the moment, although there is a willingness to cooperate, it has not been possible to complete any request. We are in the process of generating acquisitions within the macro contract of the federal government, since the production and distribution of vaccines is concentrated in commercial agreements with national governments, ”said the Goan leader.

Taking into account the dimension of the crisis and the limited access to biologics, they made a respectful but firm call to the government of Mexico to give the General Health Council, the national and the state vaccination boards the role ordered by the Constitution.

In addition to broadening the spectrum of the plan so that in the acquisition and implementation those of the private and public sectors are added. “A national crisis is resolved with a national effort.” Also to contact not only laboratories, but also countries that may have purchased surplus vaccines.

And “immediately consider the signing of contracts, in the event that reinforcements or variants of the vaccine are required year after year (…) We recommend that the main sources of social concentration and contagion be considered as priorities,” he said.


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