GP Portugal, the race in 5 points

Crease if I leave 2 °

The doubt must have come to him: “What if I always start from the second square?”. Per Lewis Hamilton starting a GP from second position is becoming a good luck charm: in the last four occasions in which he started alongside the poleman, he has always won. It happened at the Nurburgring and at Mugello last year, it happened in this championship at Sakhir and Portimao. A statistic that is nothing more than curious, for the man who is now aiming for 100 in all guises: he is minus one in terms of pole positions (99 remained after Bottas’ best time), and minus three in terms of successes. , which rose to 97 after taking home the Portuguese GP. Numbers, always those, for someone who has only one figure in his head: 8. That of the titles, the goal never reached by anyone. Verstappen and Red Bull are formidable, but in Portugal they have not been up to the pairing that has now dominated uninterrupted for years. With the feeling, for Lewis, that there is a way to smile not so much for the classification (he is ahead of 8 points, nothing in the world championship just started), but for a Mercedes that in the space of five weeks, those passed between the GP of Bahrain and Portugal, apparently have already made a significant step forward in understanding the car. With related concerns of others, if the situation were to improve further. Possibly, because Lewis wasn’t too happy in qualifying: he was second ahead of Verstappen, of course, but in the particular, very particular conditions of Portimao, between the America’s Cup wind and asphalt with little grip, it was also difficult for him. The restart was also difficult, with Max passing it immediately. Then, as he himself explained, the Englishman won the race there, keeping calm despite the overtaking he suffered and sensing the right moment to return the favor: wake and attack inside, nothing to do for Verstappen. And the same old story last year on Bottas: a few laps of study, then breaking the delay, attack and overtaking, even if this time outside of turn 1. And nothing for everyone else to do.

Hamilton: “I figured out when to attack Max”

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