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Grafrath / FFB: hunting dog makes mysterious find in the forest – police are now facing a great mystery

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A hunting dog made an incredible find in a forest near Grafrath. The police are now faced with a riddle – and asks for evidence.

  • At Grafrath canned Hunting dog a strange find in the Forest.
  • From the thicket he returned with an incredible find.
  • Two ranger then called the police.
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Update, May 20, 12:10 p.m .: He still gives Find in the Forest at Grafrath Puzzles. The Monkey hand was found “with skin, hair and fingernails”, says one Police spokesman. It was “cut off” just above the wrist.

Since the find on Tuesday (May 19), no concrete information has been received, the police continue. You are “facing a complete puzzle”.

The Veterinary office from court House Fürstenfeldbruck has now given the finds to the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety for investigation. Results are expected in the coming week

Grafrath: Mysterious find in the forest – hunting dog suddenly disappears into the thicket

Grafrath – The reports on demand police from a “strange find” of two ranger in a forest near Mauern / Grafrath. The hunting dog of the two suddenly disappeared into the thicket on Tuesday morning and came with one a short time later Monkey hand back in the mouth.

The Monkey hand had obviously been separated cleanly and could be from one Chimpanzee or bonobo. At the request of the summoned police the foresters let their dog rummage through the thicket again and this time he found dog one also separated Monkey foot.

Apparently the two were lying limbs only briefly in Forest – they may have been stored in a freezer. The limbs were attached to that Brucker Veterinary office to hand over. It should first be determined which one Animal species exactly the two body parts belong.

Strange find in a forest near Grafrath – police ask for evidence

The backgrounds of the strange Fundes are still completely puzzling, said a spokesman for the Brucker police. The police in Fürstenfeldbruck asks for Witness evidence, Telephone (08141) 6120.

In a forest near Kipfenberg in Bavaria, a probe-seeker also found human bones. The identity of the dead person has not yet been established.

At Fürstenfeldbruck, there was only recently a fatal accident in the forest – on an illegal cycling course.

Also interesting: the blue light ticker for the FFB region.

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