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LOS ANGELES • The organizers of the Grammy Awards said last Friday that they had canceled “secret” committees that select works for nominations for the most prestigious musical awards, following criticism of artists and allegations of fraud.

The Recording Academy said nominations for next year’s awards will be decided by the aggregate of voting members who number more than 11,000, rather than by anonymous expert panels of 15 to 30 members who have made the selections previously.

The Academy said the “significant changes” in the award process “reflect its continued commitment to evolve with the music scene and to ensure transparency in the rules and guidelines of the Grammy Awards.”

In its statement, the organization said it had also reduced the number of categories in which voters can vote and added two new award categories, in Latin music and in world music, bringing the total to 86.

The changes come after R&B star The Weeknd in November accused Grammy organizers of bribery after surprisingly receiving no nominations, despite his big commercial year.

“My love is always corrupted. You owe me, the fans and the transparency of the industry, ”al-Kindy, known for events like Blinding Lights and Starboy, tweeted at the time and vowed to stop submitting music to watch the awards.

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