Grande-Marlaska, again at the head of the Ministry of the Interior despite the controversies

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Fernando Grande-Marlaska He will continue to lead the Ministry of the Interior despite the controversies, dismissals and judicial setbacks that he accumulates.

Pedro Sanchez He has once again opted for him, continuing the phrase he uttered in the investiture debate when he publicly praised him.

“Fernando Grande-Marlaska is an extraordinary Minister of the Interior,” he said.

The wear and tear suffered by the Melilla fence tragedy – where 23 migrants died according to official figures and more than 80, according to NGOs -, the dismissal of the colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos -to whom he had to return the Supreme Court– and recently the ‘punishment’ of civil guards for criticizing the future amnesty law, Sánchez has once again saved him, thus becoming one of the six ministers who have accompanied him since his arrival to the Presidency of the Government in 2018.

Grande-Marlaska has managed to emerge unscathed from all the Government crises. The deep ones and the lighter ones, thus displaying his reputation as a fireproof minister. The Interior portfolio is a hot potato in the Executive since the management of its owner keeps a large sector of the State Security Forces and Corps in revolt.

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