Grandma Skyrim teamed up with her, “The Elder Scrolls 5” follower Mod “Shirley” is available for download | 4Gamers

Because of the long-lived “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” game, which has attracted the attention of overseas communities“Grandma Skyrim”Shirley Curry, received Bethesda’s promise in 2019 to set up an NPC in her image in The Elder Scrolls 6. Although there is no progress in the 6th generation, folk masters have already realized this community aspiration first-Mod.

Yes, although Bethesda has promised, it is clear that players can’t wait to have an adventure in Skyrim with Grandma in the 5th generation. The “Shirley-A Skyrim Follower Mod” produced by The Circantolius Team is currently available NexusMod The forum is listed.


It is quite simple to summon Grandma. Just install the mod and blow the horn in Brightwood Lodge, and Grandma will appear to fight for you.

Interestingly, Shirley also downloaded Mod for the first time and took his own “clone” to adventure in Skyrim Province.

According to the production team’s information, the Mod also supports Special Edition and VR versions, while the Xbox version can Bethesda Official Model Reform Forumdownload.

As for the progress of the development of “The Elder Scrolls 6,” last year we knew what its game title and logo looked like, and perhaps we can expect more this year.


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