Grandparent’s Day 2021: phrases to celebrate your cotton heads

The affection that grandparents give us is undoubtedly a treasure that we will carry forever, that’s why in this Grandparents Day 20201, we share some phrases to celebrate for being so special.

In Mexico, Grandfather’s Day is celebrated every August 28. Grandparents are usually the pillar of families and among their activities they usually collaborate with the teaching and raising your grandchildren.

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Unlike our country, in other nations grandparents are celebrated on July 26, an event that is also remembered as the day of San Joaquín and Santa Ana, parents of the Virgin Mary and grandparents of Jesus.

Phrases to congratulate your grandparents

  • “A grandfather is a person with silver in his hair and gold in his heart”
  • “Grandparents are a delicious mix of laughter, care, wonderful stories and love”
  • “To have a grandfather is to have a treasure that has managed to preserve his heart over the years”
  • “Grandma holds our hands for a while, but our hearts forever”
  • “Being a grandparent creates the feeling of being a parent again, with more time and less pressure”
  • “Grandparents create memories that the heart keeps forever”
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  • “Grandparents are like the lights in a landscape. They are always in the right place, at the right time, ready to help us when we need them ”
  • “Happy day! Grandfather, you are an unrepeatable, beautiful and beautiful being “
  • “How lucky to have a grandfather like you, someone so tender and kind who taught me to walk the path of happiness”
  • “Thank you very much for being the best grandparents in the whole world. Congratulations!”
  • “Nobody pampers or pampers like a grandfather”
  • “You are a classic! Happy grandpa s Day”
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  • “My grandfather has the wisdom of an owl and the heart of an angel”
  • “If nothing goes well, call your grandmother”
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  • “Grandparents will always be the angels of their grandchildren”

There are also phrases and thoughts for the grandparents who have already left

  • “Grandparents never die, they just become invisible. They are still with you, you just have to listen to them with your heart “
  • “I know that you follow and guide my steps from up there. Grandfather, the mark you have left on me and of which I feel so proud, makes me always notice you very close, as one more part of my being “
  • “My grandfather has left this world forever and he takes a part of me with him”


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