Grannies defy Covid-19 and go to the movies

Happy arrived Marina, 80, and Zuiba, 70, who already missed going to a movie theater, especially because they had the habit of going to see a movie every Tuesday and Sunday, even in the middle of the pandemic and during the first opening from August to December of last year.

“We are already fed up with being a year in the house,” Marina said.

Zuiba assures that he is not afraid of a Covid-19 contagion and says he has his doubts about it, because since the pandemic began he has not stopped going out for a day to lead his normal life and nothing has happened to him; that yes, they assure that as soon as it is their turn they will be vaccinated and they hope that it will be with Pfizer.

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Alexis and Hari are visiting CDMX, he is from Veracruz and she is from Colombia, and they decided to go to the cinema taking advantage of the fact that Cinépolis Carso was open, since they had not been to the cinema for months.

The couple took advantage of the fact that there were not many people at the reopening. Photo: Sughey Baños

“I am surprised that they were operating, in Colombia they closed them again, they opened them with all the protocols but a second wave arrived and they closed them again,” said Hari before seeing Monster Hunter.

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Alexis explained that they had the confidence to pass because there are few people and they know that in the rooms there is a good distance between spectators, but above all they already wanted to entertain themselves as was done before the pandemic and put aside the boring of the confinement.



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