Grassley pushes the GOP to vote on criminal justice reform – Washington Examiner


SJudicial commission chairman Chuck Grassley called on the Senate to take and approve a Trump administration law reform Tuesday, and said it would be worth approving fewer President Trump's judicial candidates to do so. .

"If McConnell does it, it will go overwhelmingly and he can do it in one way – in many different ways – to shorten the time needed," Grassley said at an event hosted by the Washington Post. "This can be done in three or four days easily."

"Making two fewer judges to get a criminal justice reform law would be a good compromise for me," he added.

[[[[Opinion: Trump is right to embrace criminal justice reform]

Grassley supports the First Step bill, which shortens drug-related sentences and reduces retroactive sentences for crack cocaine cases subject to stricter laws. The bill also has the support of groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Right on Crime supported by the Koch brothers and others.

Grassley said that McConnell told him he would let the bill come to the floor if there were between 65 and 70 votes in the room. He said that nearly 30 Republicans support the bill, along with most Democrats.

He also said that it is worth slowing down the pace of judicial nominees because Senator Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Has promised to block them all anyway until McConnell allows a vote on his bill to protect special adviser Robert Mueller .

"We can not until Flake will vote with us," Grassley replied when asked to move forward with the candidates when the committee meets later this week. "We are not going to deal with the judges that we lose 10-11 if they will leave 11-10 otherwise."

Grassley's Democratic partner on legislation, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, said he is taking a lead role in supporting the bill in the Democratic conference.

"Cory Booker and I can bring together a substantial majority of Democrats," he said. "I think we have good left support, I have no one I'm worried about at the moment."

Grassley said that voting on legislation is urgent because the Assembly is less likely to pass when Democrats take control in January.

"We have [a] opportunity once in the generation to achieve something on criminal justice reform. We should move on, "he said.



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