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+++ So far, 97 deaths in Styria complain +++ State capital holds on to large projects despite the crisis +++ 255 temporary replacement care places decided +++ displeasure due to car washes that remain closed +++

From Wilfried Rombold | 6.45 a.m., April 17, 2020

Otherwise Cashcow, currently hardly any income: Graz Airport © (c) Juergen Fuchs

The fifth week of the Corona exceptional situation comes to an end. We keep you again all day long today about what’s going on in Styria.

  • The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Styria is included 1624 (Status: Thursday, 9 p.m.)
  • 661 people are considered in Styria recover.
  • In the state are now 97 fatalities to complain.
  • It still applies Exit restrictions for everyone.
  • Since Tuesday reopen many stores – but it applies Mask requirement in public transport and with every purchase!
  • 2851 ads in Styria, including 799 in the Easter week
  • Healthphone 1450 only for those who have symptoms! Please address general questions to Tel. 0800 555 621.
  • The Styrian hotline Crisis intervention is under 0800 500154 (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) reachable.
  • Hotline for parents and legal guardians: 0676 8666 4668
  • Hotline social department of the country: 0800 20 10 10
  • Nursing hotline of the country: 0800 500 176 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Free ZEBRA concern hotline with interpreting 0800 799 702 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.).
  • Of the Association trauma help Austria offers telephone advice on 01 413 00 44 for people in quarantine or self-isolation.
  • Caritas had to stop their house collection for Styrians in need. We want to help: Donate to Styrian help Styrian under the password “Corona Help”.

The developments in Styria from Thursday you can read in detail here. The current developments in Austria and the rest of the world from Thursday can be found under this link.

The most important events of the day in the live ticker

6:45 am: As every day, the Province of Styria announced the latest figures for the Corona Falls in Styria last night. On Thursday, the number of deaths increased by four to 97. Pleasing: The number of people who are considered healthy again rose on Thursday compared to the previous day by 44 to 661 people.

And so they are distributed confirmed 1624 corona cases in Styria to the individual districts (source: Ministry of Health, status: Thursday, 9 p.m.):

  • Bruck-Mürz addition: 50 (-)
  • Deutschlandsberg: 44 (-)
  • Graz: 436 (+5)
  • Graz area: 190 (+5)
  • Hartberg-Fürstenfeld: 292 (+2)
  • Leibnitz: 175 (+2)
  • Leoben: 22 (-)
  • Liezen: 82 (+2)
  • Murau: 5 (-)
  • Mur Valley: 31 (-)
  • Southeast Styria: 48 (-)
  • Voitsberg: 96 (+1)
  • Weiz: 153 (+4)

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05:55 a.m .: The “cash cows” of the city of Graz – Graz Airport, trade fair congress and the advertising company Ankünder – currently barely generate any income. That underlined the Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl in a video conference of the Styrian press club on Thursday evening. “If the AUA receives money, the regional airports should not be forgotten,” the head of the city insisted on support from the federal government. As far as planned investments are concerned, the city doesn’t want to save right now, Nagl says. The cycling initiative and the expansion of public transport remain on the agenda, as is the revitalization of the Thalersee area. The mayor of the Plabutsch gondola still does not give a final cancellation. The culture year will be rescheduled in 2021.

05.00 a.m .: There are new figures from the State Health Service of Styria. Accordingly, are in our state four other people infected with the Corona virus died on Thursday. All in all, Styria is now being held 97 corona dead.

The people who died on Thursday are two women (born in 1919 and 1939) from the state capital Graz, a woman (born in 1932) from the district Graz area and a man man (born in 1936) from the district Hartberg-Fürstenfeld.

The regional distribution of previous deaths in connection with Covid-19 among the Styrian districts:

  • District Hartberg-Fürstenfeld: 27 deaths
  • District Graz-surroundings: 23 deaths
  • State capital Graz: 22 deaths
  • Weiz district: seven deaths
  • Leibnitz district: five deaths
  • Voitsberg district: four deaths
  • Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district: three deaths
  • District of Leoben: three deaths
  • Deutschlandsberg district: a death
  • Liezen district: a death
  • Murtal district: a death

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