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The British embassy in Bolivia manages technical support from the University of Manchester to develop an immunization strategy against Covid-19 in the country. The diplomatic entity seeks help from the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health of this establishment of higher studies, one of the most prestigious in Great Britain and the most prominent internationally.

Bolivia is among the 92 countries that will be the first to receive the vaccine, according to the British embassy in the country. The Bolivian government anticipated that 2.5 million doses will arrive, initially, for 20% of the population for the following year.

The British embassy in Bolivia has arranged technical support from the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester to support the development of a national immunization strategy against Covid-19. We are pleased that Bolivia is on the list of 92 countries that are part of the Covax Market Advance Commitment for access to Covid-19 vaccines, indicated Wendy Morton, Minister of State for Europe and the Americas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and UK Development (FCDO).

Morton explained that the Covax Initiative is key to finding and distributing a vaccine. She said this venture supports the development and manufacture of a range of potential Covid-19 vaccines, offering participating countries, regardless of their income level, equal access.

Last week, Morton added, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK would contribute $ 734 million to Covax to help find a safe and effective vaccine. Of this sum, up to $ 640 million will go to the Covax Market Advance Commitment, which will provide equitable access to vaccines for low- and middle-income countries.

The representative added that the UK’s involvement in the fight against Covid-19 is not limited to this. In Latin America we continue to work closely with our friends and allies to ensure that together we can successfully defeat the virus. The Oxford University vaccine is manufactured in Mexico and Argentina.

On September 22, Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric held a videoconference with Morton to discuss issues related to the bilateral agenda.

The previous week, the national chief of epidemiology Virgilio Prieto announced that the vaccine from the University of Oxford will arrive in Bolivia the following year, without specifying the date. Clarify that the results of the scientific investigations do not have defined times either, but that they may conclude in January 2021.

Having completed the investigation, the production laboratories will be in Brazil and Argentina; So that closer to the possibility of us having the vaccine. If they conclude in January, the probability of starting production is very early, it already depends on the productive capacity that these laboratories have, said Prieto, in an interview with Pgina Siete.

The head of Epidemiology added that after production begins, the vaccine will reach 20% of the Bolivian population in a first phase, which is equivalent to around 2.5 million doses. These will be aimed at groups considered highly vulnerable, such as people over 60 years of age, with underlying diseases or of some ethnic groups.

Prieto said -on August 26- that the Chancellor reached a preliminary agreement with the University of Oxford and the company AstraZeneca, so that Bolivia is among the first 10 countries to receive the drug.

The vaccine called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 – developed by the University of Oxford – is the most advanced among others that are in development, and it was found that people who received the drug generated antibodies.

The progress

The vaccine is in its third and final phase of testing. To date, the planned vaccination of 18,000 people has been completed.

The development of the Oxford vaccine is closely followed by the media around the world because it recorded the best results.

Countries like Mexico and Argentina already have orders and quantities defined for the acquisition of the vaccine. In Mexico – thanks to an agreement with the Carlos Slim Foundation – the vaccine will be free and in Argentina it will only cost four to five dollars. In addition, the aforementioned countries will start their own production.


  • Situation Clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, one of the most promising in the world, will resume after being interrupted by the adverse reaction suffered by a volunteer of the test, reported 13 September the EFE agency.
  • Investigation This vaccine is one of several that are being developed around the world at high speed, in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused more than 28 million cases, exceeds 900 thousand deaths and punishes the economies of the whole of the world. world.


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