Great Britain: Mushrooms catch coveted precious metal Palladium bromide from dirty water


Researchers from the UK have discovered a method to recover a precious metal from wastewater. And palladium bromide. The precious metal is used for the production of exhaust gas systems and catalysts. Loughborough University chemists used a fungus in laboratory experiments to recover the metal from wastewater. At the beginning of the year, carmakers were in such high demand that it outnumbered gold and platinum. This produces palladium nanoparticles that can be used for catalytic activity in other industries. Maria Sotenko from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering was involved. “We do two things at the same time, we clean the environment and solve environmental problems, we make high-quality products, we handle wastewater, or industrial and laboratory wastewater, which contains a lot of palladium bromide that we want to recycle that a particular type of fungus can not only take up palladium but also reduce it and break it up into nanoparticles. ” The researchers are currently developing a membrane from the fungus. Wastewater is to be pumped through a cylinder in which the palladium is collected. Analysts are predicting that demand for palladium will continue to rise, especially since the diesel scandal has again fueled the trend towards gasoline.


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