Great Britain removes the obligation to quarantine vaccinated people arriving from the EU and the US. Tokyo, another 3 thousand cases: record since the beginning of the pandemic

To travel from Europe O United States towards the Great Britain from 2 August the forty precautionary in case you have undergone the full course of vaccines. With the new wave of infections related to Delta variant which is experiencing a steady descent e the decision to remove all restrictions from 19 July, the government of Boris Johnson has decided to take a further step to return to normality in the country, to the delight of travelers and operators in the tourism sector. Protests, on the other hand, come from the opposition Labour, according to which letting our guard down is still too risky. In terms of reciprocity, however, the two vaccines received in the United Kingdom already guarantee the exemption from quarantine in 19 EU countries, but not yet in Italy, with limited exceptions.

Until now, only travelers resident and vaccinated in the Kingdom returning to the island were able to avoid quarantine once they entered British territory. While from 16 August it will also be revoked within the country for those who, provided they have been doubly vaccinated, have had contact with infected people (remaining mandatory only for those who are infected in the first person in a test).

The Johnson government therefore relaunches what increasingly seems to be a game of balances between the need to favor the restart, including economic, from the country and the recommendations of the scientific community which still continues to express perplexity and fears for the ‘aperturist’ choices of Downing street: Covid infections fed by the Delta variant have in fact returned to decline, gradually but steadily, in the last seven days, while the spread of vaccines (with the first dose administered to almost 90% of over 18s and the second to more than 70%) seems to continue limiting the impact on hospitalizations hospital and especially on deaths compared to previous waves.

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Johnson himself warned yesterday that the pandemic is not yet behind us and that it must be maintained caution, with the government still urging the population to wear masks in public places. And today he re-launched the appeal to get vaccinated to anyone who has not done so, while avoiding joining the accusation of “selfish” launched yesterday by the minister Michael Gove, number 3 of his government, against all people who refuse to receive the antidote.

France, the green pass for transport will soon take effect
After the go-ahead from Parliament, between 7 and 10 August will depart in France the obligation to green pass for transport long-distance wanted by the president Emmanuel Macron. This was announced by the Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, specifying that the checks will take place randomly and not systematically. The law “is currently being examined by the Constitutional Council, should be promulgated on 7 August and implemented in the following days, between 7 and 10 August”, said Djebbari to the broadcaster. Bfmtv. The green pass obligation will also cover trains and airplanes. For the former, the check can take place on the tracks, on board and even upon arrival, randomly.

Tokyo, new record of infections
While the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese capital is facing one of the worst coronavirus waves since the beginning of the pandemic. Every day the number of cases grows and even in the last 24 hours there has been a new absolute record of infections, with over 3 thousand people tested positive. The virus also worries because it is expanding into the prefectures adjacent to the capital, such as Chiba, Kanagawa e Saitama, and the Head of Cabinet, Katsunobu Kato, said the executive is ready to offer more assistance to hospitals and to increase virus prevention measures.

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