"Great progress": Trump congratulates the Germans


30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, US President Trump praises the opening of the border as a lesson for doctrinal powers around the world. No "iron curtain", it is said in an official White House message, could withstand the impulse of people's freedom.

On the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, US President Donald Trump praised the Germans and described the peaceful opening of the border on November 9, 1989 as an example of historical teaching. The fate of the Berlin Wall must be a "lesson for repressive regimes and rulers everywhere": "No iron curtain will ever hold back the iron will of a people determined to be free," said Trump La's official greeting White House was released Saturday.

"Brave men and women from eastern and western Germany", according to Trump, "would have united" the day just 30 years ago to "break down a wall" that for more than a quarter of a century as a "symbol of oppression and failure Socialism".

Trump emphasized the importance of German protests around the world for greater freedom and justice. "United and fighting for a common and just cause, they risked their lives for freedom", declared the president of the United States, the developments from the autumn of 1989 together. "That's how they helped open the iron curtain."

Trump quotes Goethe

With a look from afar, Trump explains the reasons for the change in his message with a quote from Goethe Punch: "He alone deserves freedom as the life that must conquer them every day". These words of Trump literally "influential German poetry" have "taken to heart" the citizens of East Germany in the difficult circumstances of the GDR regime.

Trump congratulated the Germans for this write also for the "enormous progress" made by the reunification and "reconstruction" of East Germany and described the Federal Republic as one of the "most appreciated" partners of the United States.

What lessons can be learned from building walls, Trump may soon learn on the spot. At the G7 summer summit in Biarritz, he announced that he would visit Germany "very soon". Merkel stressed that she "invited the president many times". However, there is no date for the visit.



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