Greece wants to build a floating barrier against migrants


The government in Greece wants to use a floating barrier in the Mediterranean to prevent refugees and migrants from crossing from Turkey to Greek islands. According to SPIEGEL information, the Ministry of Defense has asked four Greek companies to submit an offer for a corresponding public tender by this Wednesday. The company that receives the order should deliver within three months of signing the contract.

In the tender, the creation of the barrier is described as “extremely urgent”. There is an “urgent need to curb the increasing flow of refugees”. The obstacle is said to be 2.7 kilometers long.

Barrier should cost 500,000 euros in four years

Greece is apparently concerned about new mass arrivals of refugees in the coming spring and summer. Around 42,000 migrants are currently in inhumane conditions on Lesbos and other crowded eastern Greek Aegean islands. There have never been so many. Last year around 60,000 refugees came to Greece by sea.

According to SPIEGEL information, the planned barrier is to be installed by the Greek armed forces, which has recently become more active in dealing with the refugees. The net-like hurdle is said to protrude one meter from the water and to reach about half a meter deep under water. For boats, it must be clearly recognizable through signal colors such as orange or yellow and the option of installing flashing lights. The barrier is to be built for 500,000 euros and its maintenance will be maintained for four years. The training of the necessary personnel is also included in the total.

The Greek government had promised a tougher line in the migration crisis before it was elected about six months ago and is now starting to implement it. Deportations to Turkey should be accelerated and migrants who have been refused asylum should be able to be detained.

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