Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, with history and weather in their favor against Rams

The right arm of Aaron Rodgers It is a lethal weapon with which he is able to write an epic at the level reached by John Snow with his sword in the Battle of the Bastards. The quarterback of the Packers He is a brave warrior whose commanding gaze always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies, to the degree that he can subdue them no matter how large, especially if he is in their natural habitat of the Lambeau Field tundra.

Rodgers is a hero of mythology and his epic battles can be told with the same attitude as a script from Game of Thrones. At 37 years of age, the Californian is about to wage a new war in search of a second ring to wear on his hand, and what better way to start the road to glory than at home, where in six games of Playoffs who has played since taking over the Green Bay attack is 4-2, because contrary to his Californian DNA, he has managed to build an empire among castles of ice.

Historically, the Packers have been able to take advantage of Wisconsin conditions in their favor, to such an extent that in the postseason they have a career record of 19-5 (17-5 at Green Bay and 2-0 at Milwaukee). That’s why this Saturday against the Rams, the Packers will look to capitalize on the home factor in the Divisional Round game at Lambeau Field, that although it will not have hostile pressure on the rival due to the pandemic, you will have the weather conditions in your favor.

In addition, the Cheeseheads led the NFL in offensive production averaging 31.8 points per game, while Los Angeles allowed the fewest points per game with 18.5 units on average during the 2020 regular season. The game will mark the eighth postseason game among the highest-scoring offense. and the highest-scoring defense since 1990.

The last time they met in the Playoffs occurred 19 years ago, on January 20, 2002 but at the Dome at America’s Center, where the bulls attacked the Packers by a humiliating score of 17-45, however, the only occasion that was They saw each other in the Postseason in packer territory, it happened on December 23, 1967, when Green Bay won 7-28 in what was one of their only two victories in Milwaukee in defining instances.

Gren Bay’s last three games at home in the Postseason were well capitalized with three wins. Before Seahawks a year ago, against the Giants in January 2017 and against Cowboys in 2015; While to find the last loss of the Packers at home during a Playoffs you have to go back to January 5, 2014, when they succumbed to their black beast, the 49ers, so that the locality will have its specific weight in this crossing.



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