Green button for textiles: sustainability seal splits fashion industry


However, the Gesamtverband Textil + Mode, which represents around 350 German fashion brands such as Falke, Olymp, or Eterna, has no confidence in the green button: "We can not recommend the new seal," says Ingeborg Neumann. The presented concept not only creates more ambiguity, but also threatens established formats: "We can not allow the internationally established seals and certification systems, in which our companies have been investing for a long time, to be damaged," explains Neumann. For the medium-sized companies represented by the Gesamtverband Textil + Mode, which are in sharp competition with the global clothing chains, this would be a great loss of credibility and thus also of their competitiveness. Neumann: "It simply makes no sense for us to have a national seal in a global market". According to the association, the Green Button could not keep what was promised.


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