Green chancellor candidate: Baerbock or Habeck?


SOne year ago, the Greens are flying high. Even the east of Germany, traditionally a difficult terrain for the party, is now green. In Saxony and Brandenburg, it looks quite as if the Greens after the state elections on 1 September in the new governments their place certainly. The CDU leader is struggling with her role, the SPD is still looking for a suitable leadership. All the more can Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck shine. But despite the good mood, there are two questions that the Greens in the Bund are not happy to hear these days: Who will be the chancellor candidate of the Greens in the next federal election – whether in a few months or two years to come? And in which alliance does the party want to govern then?

Helene Bubrowski

The party leaders Baerbock and Habeck currently answer neither the first nor the second question. They do not want to speculate, they say. The strength of the Greens lies in the fact that you do not lead personnel discussions, but take care of content. Content alone is decisive when it comes to future coalitions, both in the federal states and in the federal government. A few days ago, Habeck admitted at least indirectly that these questions have their justification in view of the shaky big coalition and the stable poll and election results of the Greens: “We have long since been in the role of a quasi-government party in waiting.” Directly there was already Ludwig Hartmann, Group leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament. In June, he told F.A.S., “If the polls continue to give, I'm for a clear chancellor candidate and against a double top in the next federal election.”

The duo Baerbock / Habeck also works because both complement each other. Both are rhetorically good, but in different ways. He, the philosopher and writer, dominates the meta-level: great themes, great theses, how everything is connected with everything – that is his strength. In Baerbock it is always concrete, she is better at many topics than Habeck, she delivers the substantive substance. Which skills are more important for a chancellor? And also: which weaknesses can be compensated more easily?

The K question could drive a wedge between them

The party leaders shy away from the debate, because they could drive a wedge in the couple, which so far obviously works very harmoniously together. Habeck performs much better in surveys than Baerbock, and is still better known than she is. But if he were the candidate, the green top would be male, while the CDU has been with a woman for 14 years and the SPD at least with a double top. The roots of the Greens also feed on the women's movement of the seventies, they propagate gender justice more than any other party. But the party has already competed with only one leading candidate: in 2005 with Joschka Fischer, then Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor.

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