Green Pass obligation on buses: parents organize themselves on Telegram to take the kids to school

Liguria. Gives Monday 6 December the obligation of green pass also on public transport local and many parents (throughout Italy and also in the Savona area) are mobilizing to organize rides and cars for children who have to go to school and are not vaccinated. All through some chats on Telegram.

In these hours, through the social messaging app, different groups have arisen aimed at to connect people to create a parallel transport network, non-profit, in response to the new government restrictions: above all the group called ‘Solidarity Transport’, a chat that has its own dedicated version for each city and is gathering thousands of members.

They are mainly the young students, or their parents, to ask and look for passages, possibly fixed and daily, to avoid having to resort to public transport after vaccination or tamponade.

For unvaccinated children, in fact, going to school by public transport could mean having to spend around 180 euros on testing per month, as well as the price of tickets and season tickets. And on the subscriber front, more and more frequent on chats against the green pass are the calls for mass “counter-measures”, such as the cancellation of subscriptions with the relative request for reimbursement.

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