Green pass: two thousand in Cagliari, bucket of water on the procession – Sardinia

About two thousand people shouting “freedom, freedom” and “Terrorist Bassetti” marched through the streets of the center of Cagliari to protest against the obligation to green pass in the workplace. A procession unfolded from Piazza del Carmine, where an imposing array of law enforcement officers garrisoned the entrance to the representative office of the Government and the TAR, to arrive in front of the Regional Health Department and then under the building of the Region to conclude a demonstration that blocked the main streets of the city center for about an hour. Some moments of tension were experienced in via Pola when a bucket of water rained on the no-green passes that passed in the procession.
Several protesters reacted by addressing the building with harsh words and inviting the person responsible for the gesture to take to the street. Then the snake of people continued towards the building that houses the regional offices.
In the document of the associations “Is Pipius non si tocant”, “Sa Defenza” and “White T-shirts” there is talk of “presumed pandemic based on assumptions that have no basis in factual reality”, saying they are opposed to vaccines, considered “experimental serums “and recalling various rules that would conflict with the mandatory nature of the green certificate.
Among the signs shown by the demonstrators, some define the green pass as “abusive”, while others praise “civil disobedience, when the state behaves like a dictator”.


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