Greenberg surprises boy who wants to work on Xbox when he grows up

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It cannot be denied that the directors of the video game industry who are closest to their fans are those of Xbox and both Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg are some of those who tend to stand up for the brand in various situations and moments , as they tend to be aware of what the community says or writes. This time, it was Aaron Greenberg who made the note, by getting in touch with a little boy whose future goal is to work at Xbox.

A 7-year-old boy fulfilled his dream of talking with someone from Xbox

This weekend, Twitter user Jenessa Petersen wrote a message in which she revealed that her 7-year-old son wants to work at Microsoft and Xbox as an adult and sees Bill Gates as one of his role models. Following that idea, Mrs. Petersen asked for the support of Microsoft or Xbox so that someone could communicate with the little one and talk for a moment with him. To his surprise, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager, responded to the request and contacted the family to listen to the little boy and chat for a moment via video call.

Aaron Greenberg visited the little boy’s world in Minecraft

The moment arrived and the next day, Jenessa Petersen thanked Aaron Greenberg for having responded to her message and revealed that the Xbox manager spoke with her son while he was visiting his world of Minecraft. Likewise, the mother pointed out that Greenberg motivated the little one and told him to follow his dreams to one day become someone who works at Microsoft and Xbox. For his part, Greenberg appreciated the opportunity and mentioned that it is something very valuable to him and to the work he does.

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