Sport Greg Peters: "it is not sensible to take Jaguars...

Greg Peters: “it is not sensible to take Jaguars to the Super Rugby”

In the past few days has generated a wave of rumors about the future of Jaguars in the Super Rugby. Among other hypotheses, that will no longer be part of the competition, the franchise will disappear, that the players are already arranging with clubs in Europe.

By now, the Union Argentina de Rugby was limited to clarifying that there is nothing defined, and, together with the other unions that make up Sanzaar (New Zealand, Australia and south Africa) are currently evaluating possible scenarios for the coming year, in these new conditions brought about by the pandemic.

It is said that New Zealand and Australia see this new panorama the opportunity to arrange a competition between them, irrespective of south Africa and Argentina, which would allow them to save lengthy and costly travel. This would force the Jaguars to seek refuge again in south Africa, or to look toward other horizons, within the continent.

Who said the issue was Greg Petersthat , with the authority conferred upon their scrolls as a former CEO of Sanzaar, of Hurricanes and of the UAR. In a juicy interview with the site Let’s talk about Rugbythe new zealander said that it would not be sensible to remove to Jaguars in the Super Rugby. “It is a decision that both NZR, Rugby Australia and South Africa Rugby in the heart of Sanzaar have to think very well. It is not easy to break contracts as well, and it seems -at least to me – very wise to leave Jaguar out of Super Rugby. Jaguars was the first team out of the Super 12 to reach a final of the Super Rugby. That is an achievement that you can not ignore or take lightly. Jaguars brought new air to the competition and everyone knows it,” he said.

On the other hand, he admitted that the economic impact product of the pandemic will have consequences in the future of Super Rugby. “Sanzaar invests over U$S 10 million per year to pay the passages of Super Rugby. It is a lot of money. And that was until now… Unfortunately, with the closure of borders, the closing of routes of several airlines, the bankruptcy of the other and the absence of a vaccine, it will make the Super Rugby as we know it until today, it is very complicated”, he warned.

Anyway, he was optimistic in regards to the Rugby Championship, the other big competition that connects Argentina with the Southern Hemisphere powers. “It is one thing to Super Rugby and another, very different, the Rugby Championship. You can finish first or be affected strongly their format of competition does not mean that the other does not play. It seems difficult to play this year (the Championship), but should not be any risk of their next editions,” he predicted Peters.

In his role as the current CEO of New Zealand Rugby, Peters said that despite rumors, the relationship between Argentina and New Zealand remains optimal. “The relationship and ties rugbísticos between the unions of New Zealand and Argentina are, I dare say, stronger than between New Zealand and Australia. The relationship and dialog Agustín Pichot with Mark Robinson (current CEO of NZR) is excellent,” he said.



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