Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, You, The Boys… Les moments WTF de la saison

Back on the most incredible moments of the season … and not always in a good way.

We must not relax our efforts! Your favorite series still need your support in order to have a chance to come out as winners of the 2020 Series World Cup. To vote during this first stage of the competition, just go here. While waiting for the result of this group stage, we invite you to come back to the craziest moments of this season. A hasty and insane departure, a surreal action scene, an unexpected crossover, a poorly explained death … In short, you understood it, the moments which follow made us release a “WTF” (see two) during their diffusion.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 16, Episode 16)

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Alex Karev is gone for good – Credit (s): ABC

To everyone’s surprise, Justin Chambers announced his departure from Grey’s Anatomy last January, bidding farewell to the character of Alex Karev. Farewell which ultimately did not have anything very moving for the spectators, since the writers simply made one of the worst possible choices for Alex. The latter has indeed decided to drop everything, including his wife Jo, to find Izzie Stevens and raise his twins (of whom he is the biological father) with her. Alex Karev is arguably one of the characters who has evolved and grown the most since the start of Grey’s Anatomy. He finally seemed to have found the stability he so badly needed. Rather blah as a start, we would almost have preferred that the character be killed …

Arrow (season 8, episode 8)

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The two Flash (Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller) meet – Credit (s): DC Comics, CW, Warner Bros

The giant crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths gave Arrowverse fans a great time. The scene that left us speechless includes not one, but two Flashes. It was a little THE surprise of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the DCEU and the DCTV have finally met. As Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) travels through the multiverse using the Speed ​​Force, he comes face to face with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) from Justice League. In passing, he even tells her that their superhero name is Flash. In the kind of unexpected moment, we do not do better.

The Boys (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Butcher and Creme use super babies – Credit (s): Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video

While Butcher (Karl Urban) and Cream (Laz Alonso) are amazed to discover that Vought is administering Component V to babies in order to give them superpowers, they are both spotted by security. It was then that Butcher had a brilliant idea. He grabs one of the baby superheroes and wakes him up, to stimulate his laser gaze. Yep, the Boy frontman did use a super baby as a lethal weapon. A mixture that gives a scene as surreal as it is funny, and one of the most striking moments of season 1. Sacred Butcher!

You (season 2, episode 2)

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Joe loses his finger – Credit (s): Netflix

In season 2 of You, Joe (Penn Badgley) does whatever it takes to get away from his ex Candace. Eager to obtain a new identity, he kidnaps Will (Robin Lord Taylor) and pretends to be him. Evil took him! He not only recovered his identity, but also his problems. This is how in episode 2 he is found by Jasper, a man who seems harmless at first. At least until he cut off part of Joe’s little finger like that without warning. Frankly, this one, we had not seen it coming!

13 Reasons Why (season 4, episode 10)

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The death of Justin Foley – Credit (s): Netflix

13 Reasons Why is a series that has often been the source of debate or controversy. The end of the fourth and final season was no exception. A choice of screenwriters particularly irritated everyone: the death of Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) from AIDS. It is indeed explained in the series that his HIV, contracted when he was addicted to heroin and was a sex worker, has evolved and reached this last stage of the infection. Except that the evolution of the disease as it is represented in the series is not realistic, and has even disappointed some associations. In addition to absolutely wanting to play the card of tragic disappearance without it being really necessary, the series also missed the technical part.

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