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Grey’s Anatomy season 17: fans have a big problem with new episodes

We continue to wait until the broadcast of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC by looking at the previous seasons, including the change that took place when Krista Vernoff returned a second time as a showrunneuse. Today it’s about a particular change that we are going to talk about and which concerns a specific group of characters: the interns. In fact, we have been used over the seasons to follow the new interns in the series who have regularly come to flesh out the main cast and bring new interesting and varied plots thanks to their personality, their talent or both.

DeLuca and Taryn Helm

Although it felt less when Krista Vernoff was the showrunneuse of the series the first time, we felt from season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy a difference in the treatment of interns – which did not necessarily appeal to fans. Indeed the new group, composed of Quadri, Helm, Levi, Vik, Sam and Casey, quickly passed into the background despite its interesting characters. We understand the need to send Sam when actress Jeanine Mason was cast for Roswell, but was it really necessary to get rid of Vik and Quadri’s blow afterwards? The 2 interns could have brought a lot to the series, just like those who are still present and whom we hear too little about.

Casey and Bailey
Casey and Bailey

Levi’s homosexuality placed him at the center of the series for a while and Jake Borelli’s charisma immediately won over fans, but he is the only one on whom Grey’s Anatomy is concentrated. Taryn Helm and his crush on Meredith, Casey and his miliary experience in addition to his transgender journey … These are not the ideas that are missing for these 2 characters that we hope to see more at the heart of the intrigue in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy. Fans have in any case regularly expressed their disappointment on social networks and on Reddit about this. Finally the departure of several main characters – of which Alex is the latest – is the perfect opportunity to focus more on the other untapped characters in the series.



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