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Original title: Ge Dao goes to Atletico Madrid or dystocia!Refused to give up the salary owed Barcelona do not want to give

The exchange of Griezmann and Saúl is the latest big news in Spanish football. Both clubs agree on this transaction model, but there are still many details that have not been negotiated. According to the “Daily Sports” report, Griezmann and Barcelona have now had a disagreement on the issue of their salary arrears.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic last season, La Liga was suspended for several months. During this time, the Barcelona players collectively cut their salaries by 72%. After the La Liga rematch, Barcelona restored the treatment to the players. At that time, Barcelona Chairman Bartomeu and the players agreed that after the economic situation improves, Barcelona will in the future pay the outstanding salary to the players again in installments. Now the “Daily Sports” pointed out that Griezmann asked Barcelona to pay the owed salary in full, but Barcelona does not want to pay the money for the time being. After all, the economic situation of the Red and Blue Army has not improved, and it has worsened.

In Barcelona, ​​Griezmann has played for two seasons, his annual salary after tax is currently as high as 26 million euros. If Griezmann returns to Atletico, he will definitely get a pay cut. Under this circumstance, will Barcelona subsidize Griezmann’s salary in the next few seasons so that his financial treatment will not be lost? “Daily Sports News” gave a negative answer. The Catalan media pointed out that in Griezmann’s contract, there is no clause that “Barca will subsidize economic losses after leaving the team”. In other words, if Griezmann goes to Atletico Madrid, it has nothing to do with Barcelona. Barcelona will not pay him any salary or bonus.Return to Sohu to see more

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