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Grocery Exchange, Grocery | Test of new items: – Rema is obviously taken with the pants down

When ten items that have never been tested are picked out, Rema comes chasing after the competitors.

Last week, there was only a few øre difference between Extra, Kiwi and Rema on popular items that look and are often tested and monitored.

But what about the items that have never been tested before? Is the price competition just as tough all over Fjøla, or only within a limited product range?

Price tester Everybody and test manager Tom Ystaas brought ten new items into this week’s grocery exchange. Ystaas was surprised that Rema 1000 could not compete with Extra and Kiwi on four out of ten items.

– In general, there is little difference from other price tests, but Rema is obviously taken with his pants down here. At the same time, Extra and Kiwi end up on the ear equally. Rema may follow standard products such as minced meat carefully, but misses out completely here. If we had a full shopping basket with 30-40 items, it might have been really serious for them, says Ystaas.

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Kiwi ten kroner cheaper than Rema

In the test of ten items that have never before been tested by Enhver, the final sum ends up at NOK 374.86 for Kiwi and Extra, while Rema ends up at NOK 381.20. Coop Obs does not lag far behind at NOK 387.49, while Spar og Meny comes out worst in this week’s exercise of NOK 414.33 and NOK 415.93, respectively.

If we add the ten “new” items together with the 29 other items in this week’s shopping cart, Kiwi stands out as the clear winner. The chain is ten kroner cheaper than Rema and five kroner cheaper than Extra in the final sum.

– Kiwi should always be the cheapest, whether it is everyday or holiday time. Kiwi is the chain that has taken the initiative to push prices down in a demanding time, and we never give up on price, says Kiwi’s communications manager Kristine Aakvaag Arvin.

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KIWI: Communications Manager Kristine Aakvaag Arvin makes no secret of the fact that the closed border trade has given the chain a boost throughout the summer.
Photo: Press photo

Rema’s communications manager Calle Hägg admits that the chain is struggling to keep up with this week’s price test.

– The price competition is fast, and here we have lagged a bit behind on some price points. These prices have been reduced now, so customers should be confident that they will find the lowest prices on Rema 1000, says Hägg.

The full test can be found at the bottom of the article.

1,500 more employees due to corona and stop in cross-border trade

This week, Statistics Norway (SSB) presented figures for retail trade, which increased by as much as 5.7 per cent from May to June. Growth was strongly helped by grocery sales, which have reached record levels due to Norwegian holidays, closed borders with Sweden and other pandemic-related factors.

Kiwis Aakvaag Arvin tells Nettavisen Økonomi that the chain has experienced insane growth throughout the summer, and does not hide that the halt in cross-border trade has affected the results.

– Stores near the border have the greatest growth as a result of this, but also stores in the entire eastern region notice it. Stores in Vestfold-Telemark that have a ferry connection to Strømstad are among those that have surprisingly large growth as a result of a halt in Swedish trade, says the communications manager.

Click on the image to enlarge. BORDER TRADE: Norwegians leave billions of kroner in Sweden every year when they buy sweets, alcohol, tobacco and food. Here from Maximat at Töcksfors Shopping Center.

BORDER TRADE: Norwegians leave billions of kroner in Sweden every year when they buy sweets, alcohol, tobacco and food. Here from Maximat at Töcksfors Shopping Center.
Photo: Halvor Ripegutu

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In addition to strong growth in cross-border trade favorites such as Pepsi Max and snus, the chain also has formidable growth in fruit, vegetables, milk and other dairy products. Kiwi has also become 1,552 more employees from July last year to this year. Aakvaag Arvin believes that politicians should take action to secure jobs.

– Now that we have the final say on how large the trade leakage to Sweden is, we believe that politicians should look at measures to stimulate increased trade in Norway. An effective measure would be to look at excise duties.

Remas Hägg also confirms that the chain has experienced great growth throughout the summer, especially on barbecue food. At the same time, Hägg emphasizes that the picture is complex, and that the pandemic has led to far higher costs than last year due to infection control measures, as well as more expensive raw materials and production.

– The pandemic has put us to the test. We adapt to the situation and learn as much as we can, but I do not think anyone will look back on the corona pandemic with longing, says communications manager Hägg.

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Turns prices up in July

Price test manager Ystaas says that a weak Norwegian krone is among the factors that have made imports of goods particularly expensive for many of the chains. At the same time, he does not think the grocery chains are living any hardship.

– I am confident that they make good money anyway, says Ystaas.

He points out that the distance between discount chains such as Rema and supermarkets such as Obs and Meny has narrowed in July. This is not unusual, says the price expert.

– The price gap between supermarkets and low-price chains is often largest in the second and fourth quarters. In the first and second quarters, there is low price competition, and that is the phase we are in now. Then the grocery chains raise prices, says Ystaas.

– And what is this week’s bargain?

– It is cheap with Gilde Kjøttpølser for 22 kroner. These often cost around 29 kroner, so the price is around 25 percent lower than usual on Rema, Kiwi and Extra, says Ystaas.

productsKiwiMenuCoop ObsRema 1000SparCoop Extra
Cucumber1 piece19.421.919.919.421.919.4
Cauliflower1 piece24.826.925.924.821.924.9
Mushroom1 kg46.854.953.946.849.951.3
Mills Mayonnaise330 gr (2 pose)29.935.931.932.935.929.9
chicken Fillet1 kg94129.9949499.2994
Whole milk Tine1 liter19.420.519.419.420.519.4
Fishing rods Findus750 gram54.956.554.954.956.954.9
Omo Color1,17 kg57.959.957.957.935.957.9
Milk chocolate Freia200 gr39.943.541.539.943.939.9
Betasuppe Toro112 gr23.92624.323.925.523.9
Bali chicken stew91 gr29.933.531.929.933.529.9
Captain biscuits200 gr18.920.919.218.920.918.9
Bergen Fish Soup Toro81 gr18.919.918.918.919.918.9
Cranberry jam Nora Hj.laget400 gr39.942.542.639.942.939.9
Maarud Tortilla, ost185 gram39.942.941.939.942.939.9
Ballerina biscuits Nougat205 gr23.527.925.123.528.523.5
Gilde skinless meat sausage450gr22.230.923.322.230.922.2
Eggs cheapest type12 pcs21.926.621.921.923.921.9
Go Morning Vanilla w / nut mix195 gr1013.913.11013.910
Grandiosa, thin bottom Pepp.305 gram42.950.945.943.948.942.9
Melange Margarine, large1 kilogram49.554.952.550.552.949.5
Raspberry jelly, Freia125 gram13.915.514.113.915.913.9
Meatball sauce 1 bag, Toro45 gram14.916.415.114.916.514.9
Fanta Orange 1,5 liter32.237.932.232.237.932.2
Four-leaf clover Freia200 gr39.942.941.539.943.939.9
JIF Skurekrem500 ml31.933.731.931.933.531.9
Strawberry jelly, Freia125 gram10.912.511.110.912.510.9
Kulturmelk, Tine1 liter17.920.518.217.920.517.9
Waffles small pk, Toro246 gram16.917.917.216.917.916.9
Cream Cheese Spices125 gram13.517.517.213.517.513.5
jubilee Salami100 gr32.934.933.532.936.532.9
Creamy chicken soup Toro RIK20 gram13.414.514.313.414.513.4
Gudbrandsdal cheese sliced ​​Tine130 gr17.919.918.217.921.917.9
Nescafe Gold, large200 gram62.966.759.962.967.962.9
Liver pie, large box200 gram14.916.415.614.916.514.9
Bernaisesaus 1 pose, Toro28 gram14.916.915.115.416.914.9
Yellow cheese Synnøve, small piece450 gram53.1658.0354.195758.0353.16
Peppes Triple Meat545 gram69.978.974.769.978.969.9
Italian stew176 gram34.938.937.334.939.934.9

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