Groko can only continue with climate agreement

Svenja Schulze

The Minister of the Environment is still not satisfied with the Minister's proposals so far.

(Photo: AP)

Berlin Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) pleads for an end to the grand coalition, if the Union and SPD do not agree on an ambitious climate package. “The coalition can not continue unless it is able to clarify beyond any doubt how Germany can achieve its climate goals by 2030,” said Schulze the “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday). “If we do not fool ourselves as an industrialized country, we can not expect other states to join. It's about the credibility of this government. “

The so-called Climate Cabinet of the Federal Government wants to agree on 20 September a bundle of climate protection measures, just before the UN climate summit in New York. The previous proposals of the ministries are not enough from Schulze's point of view. “We need a mechanism for these and future governments to review every year how far Germany has come to save on greenhouse gases,” she said.

In the dispute over its proposed CO2 tax on gasoline, heating oil and gasoline, Schulze showed his willingness to compromise. “I'm not stuck to a model,” she said. “What matters is that in the end there will be a fair and socially balanced price for CO2.” She pointed out: “A CO2 price should not be too high in the beginning, and it should increase steadily but not too rapidly. We have to be careful that ordinary people or rural commuters can still afford their car. “

More: The SPD politician wants to have the Fridays for Future movement by her side and not against her. At an appointment in Neuss Svenja Schulze succeeds.

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