"Gros Vacation" concludes the list of those who left Zamalek in January


The board of directors of Zamalek expects that the Swiss coach Christian Gross will return for a meeting with him to determine the players who should start in January.

Zamalek is trying to identify players who are late to start marketing them in advance in order to get strong offers for them because of the good return on the club.

It is worth mentioning that Zamalek has granted its players a permit from Monday to Thursday due to the suspension of the championship and the return of the team for training next Friday.

The Swiss coach Christian Grosse left Switzerland for Switzerland on holiday, while Chez Bouziane traveled to France for the holiday season.

For his part, Amir Morteza, general supervisor of the Zamalek football team, said that the suspension period of the general league, a good opportunity for the technical staff to deal with errors and negatives and equip the replacement players before returning to resume competition and to play the return match against the Alexandria Federation in the Zayed Cup for the Champions Clubs.

Zamalek's technical staff warned players that eating too much, desserts and late-hours would not affect them physically and therefore their weight was affected. Zamalek's technical team emphasized to the players that weight measurements will be made for players on Friday to see who is engaged in the instructions and not busy.

The board of directors of Zamalek has rejected the victory over the Tigers and the border guards in the twelfth and thirteenth round of the championship for the white team players, to stimulate the players in the conduct of the victories in the next period in light of the Egyptian Premier League team with 26 points.

Meanwhile, Zamalek player Abdullah Gomaa is trying to put pressure on White Castle management to start negotiations with his brother Saleh Juma to play the white jersey for the next period.

Zamalek announced his rejection of the idea of ​​signing Saleh Jumaa as a problematic player.

This happens at a time when Abdullah Jumaa is trying to convince his brother to join a club in January, and then join Zamalek.

Saleh Gomaa's position on the living room at Al-Ahly is so unclear.

Contract of armies and electrification conditions

Meanwhile, the board of directors of Zamalek is considering the reward of Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh, the goalkeeper of the team to change his contract and increase its value, after the brilliant goalkeeper in the last period with the team.

Although some thought to increase the value of the goalkeeper, but some inside the council have decided to postpone the question now so as not to cause conflicts among the players, especially because there are other players who will take the time to increase the value of their contract.

On the other hand, Mahmoud Kahraba, the creator of the Zamalek club game, has set a series of conditions for the continuation of the white castle during the coming period, especially after the statements made by the player in which he confirmed that the season in progress is the last with the white castle.

One of the most important conditions set by the electrify is that the player wants to increase his contract financially with the club and equal to the midfielder Tariq Hamid, who gets 7 million pounds and the second to allow him to leave if he receives a strong European bid.

This occurred after the coach dismissed the white coach, the player's departure for Zamalek in the next period after becoming a mainstay of the main team.

The Zamalek club is trying to meet the player after his comments that this season is the last of him. The comments of the player came on the background of the crisis that took place before the start of the season under the assurances made by the father that his current contract with Zamalek has not been extended and is still pending that will have the word to decide whether to adopt the contract of the new player based on the desire of Zamalek or not to adopt and so ends his contract by the end of the season, in which the club management tries to hold a meeting with the player to end the crisis and close this file.


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