Grosjean disagrees with the penalty for Alonsa –

“It’s a pleasure to see Fernando doing well,” Grosjean said on his YouTube channel.

“When you look at a 20-year-old driver riding his first season in Formula One, there’s excitement, fire. He just radiates this. “

“Every time he came out of bullying, he went sideways. He was fast on Friday. He was very impressive on the wet on Saturday. “

Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer said after the race that without the safety car at the end of the race, Alonso could have achieved a better result. Grosjean agrees.

“He had an interesting strategy on Sunday. He stayed long on the middle – 20 laps. He was perhaps one of the few riders who could try a one-stop strategy in the race if it weren’t for the virtual safety car and the safety car at a later stage in the race. ”

Alonso was later penalized for zigzagging in defense against Bottas. According to Grosjean, the punishment was exaggerated by the stewards.

“In the end, he received a five-second penalty. I kind of disagree with this penalty. Yes, he may have moved twice on the straight, but above all the straight is not straight, so it is not easy to go straight. “

“Secondly, let’s go damn racing! Let them fight, let them defend themselves, let them go for it. It’s good to have rules, but don’t overdo it. Five seconds was too much. This is my opinion. I may be wrong, but that’s how I feel. “

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