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Group-IB specialists, after checking the votes, in the "Voice" finals. The children said that other TV polls are also vulnerable. This is stated in a press release from the company received from RBC.

"We work with facts and digital evidence – and testify to the interference [in the final vote of the sixth season of Golos. Children]. We stress once again that the electoral system of the winner has not been exposed to external cyber attacks or internal influence by part of an insider, but the fact of automated scams showed its imperfection, "the company said.

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Group-IB estimated the cost of cheating results in the final "Voice" show

Group-IB believes that other TV voting systems conducted via SMS are also vulnerable. At the same time, experts pointed out that the situation with the "Voice" can be corrected and that the company is doing everything necessary for this. "However, the established precedent should be the basis for regular audits and inspections and other electoral systems", considers Group-IB.

The owner of the rights to the show "Voice. Children" responded to the cancellation of the outcome of the final



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