Growing danger from violent right-wing extremists – politics

  • The constitution protection sees a growing danger by violent right-wing extremists in Germany.
  • In a confidential report that the World on Sunday is present, the secret service speaks of “right-wing terrorist potentials”, which developed in different currents.

In Germany there is a growing danger from violent right-wing extremists. This emerges from a confidential analysis of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the newspaper World on Sunday is present. The protection of the constitution thus writes of “right-wing terrorist approaches and potentials,” which “developed in different currents and spectrums of the right-wing extremist scene”, “but also marginalized or entirely outside the organized right-wing extremist scene.”

Especially small groups and individuals are the actors of this development, classical right-wing extremist organizations have lost influence. On the internet, however, there is a lively exchange between these individuals and groups, in general there are “high risks in terms of radicalization, mobilization and conspiracy” in the network. In the intelligence work, therefore, above all the Internet activities of right-wing extremists should be observed.

Notz urges better security agency analysis

However, the analysis of the protection of the constitution also shows that virtually all right-wing terrorist activities, such as improvised explosives offenses, knife attacks or arson, are insufficiently organized. There are “blatant gaps between planning and reality”.

Konstantin von Notz (Greens), member of the parliamentary control committee in the Bundestag, said the World on Sunday: “Right-wing extremist structures have changed massively in recent years and today they are more dangerous for our democracy than they have been since 1945”. At the same time, he warns a better analysis capability security agencies. If, in times of digital networking, the services still cling to rigid categories of right-wing groups, one is not well positioned.

Crime Box-wise right-wing extremist material

Box-wise right-wing extremist material

After a major raid police investigate against 20 people who are said to have arranged for acts of violence. It's also about hooligans of Energie Cottbus.From Saskia Aleythe

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