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Five days ago, we were able to see a photo of an accretion disk of a black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy, which is in the constellation of Virgo A.

Actually, the photo itself

This, by the way, suggests that the black hole theory was correct. Thanks to the theory EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) has become a reality.

The mass of this black hole is 65.5 billion times larger than the mass of our sun.

Profiles of the black hole

Growth disc of the black hole in the Messier galaxy 87 (EHT)

How to change a black hole during the week

EHT is an international collaboration to create a network of radio telescopes, combining the data of different interferometry stations with a very long base line (VLBI) on the whole Earth.

This method of connecting radio transmissions across the globe to create an Earth-sized interferometer was used to measure the size of the radiation regions of two supermassive black holes with the largest horizons of visible events: Sagittarius A * at the center of our galaxy (Milky Way) and Messier 87 in the center of the Virgin A galaxy.

Well, here you can choose a radio telescope on the map and find out.

Sagittarius A * (26 thousand light years from Earth)

Messier 87 (55 million light years from Earth)

A very important role was played by Dr. Kathy Buman, who created the algorithm, thanks to which we can see the same photo of the growth hole of the black hole.

Dr. Kathy Buman

Here is his interpretation with translation (subtitles):

. (tagToTranslate) center (t) of a disk (t) theory (t) accretionaria (t) black (t) of a galaxy (t) of light (t) of the Earth (t) center (t) Sagittarius (t) Buman (t) thanks to (t) black (t) Messier (t) black (t) galaxy (t) Messier (t) constellation (t) events (t) Milky


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