Grupo Calvo renames itself ‘Nauterra’ and opens its focus to other markets beyond fish

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He Calvo Group changes name. The Galician canning company, with more than 80 years of history, makes this strategic decision to unify its image globally. It does so at a complex time in which it continues to suffer, like the entire sector, from the inflation crisis and the increase in production costs in its profit margin. And the possibility of entering other markets, beyond fish, is advancing.

From today, Nauterra replaces Grupo Calvo as a new global corporate identity, as announced by the company’s CEO, Mané Calvo, at a press conference this Tuesday. This new firm will operate as an umbrella for all its commercial brands: the Spanish one Calvothe Italian one Boatswain and the Brazilian Gomes da Costa. Although the modification will affect, rather, behind closed doors. “The brands are going to remain the same in the supermarket, the only thing that changes is the corporate name that encompasses us all,” explains the CEO.

The new name represents “the company’s passion for the sea and its commitment to the land” during its more than 80 years of history. And it is also accompanied by a new visual identity and a purpose: “to bring healthy eating to consumers while preserving the best of nature,” the cannery says.

The objective of this change is to unify the image of the company in the almost 70 countries in which it has a presence. “Through its four pillars (tradition, healthy products, continuous innovation, and commitment and responsibility), Nauterra establishes itself as a symbol of the evolution of a company that since its origins has been linked to the sea and the land,” they add from the company. company.

“Since our beginnings we have crossed oceans and borders to reach more countries and people through our brands, always focused on providing all consumers with healthy, quality nutrition. It was time to take a step further and build a brand That represents us all. Therefore, Nauterra is the symbol of a change, a new corporate identity connected to the sea and the land, with which we want to represent all the people who are part of our company, and which, without a doubt, They are and will always be part of our success,” highlighted the CEO.

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