GTA Online now offers 250k GTA $ to selected players


If you own certain properties, you will receive $ 250,000 in GTA Online this week. We'll show you how to get the gift anyway.

Why is the cash gift? GTA Online has launched a new bonus week on May 23rd. Up to the next rotation it is now possible to guarantee a rich money package consisting of 250,000 GTA $. For this you only need to log in and satisfy a requirement.

The 250k will be distributed to players who have an executive office. Haven't you got it yet? No problem You can still get the bonus.

250,000 GTA donation: how does it work?

With a special action Rockstar Games attracts players to the world of GTA Online. They refer to this as a stimulus package given to CEO office owners.

Simply log in to GTA Online by May 29th.

GTA 5 office sofa in line

Who else gets the money? You will also receive the bonus if you purchase an executive office this week. You will then receive the 250,000 GTA $.

Recently GTA Online has sold offices to all players who have connected to the online world within a given bonus week. These players can now all look forward to the next gift.

These bonuses are available until May 29th

The Rocket Base series returns, bringing double rewards to all the modes played in the Missile Base.

Awards in the hangar: If you fly contraband with your airplanes, you will also get fat rewards. Sales of Smuggler's Run carry the double RP and GTA $.

GTA 5 Online Hangar Workshop

Special transport is cheaper: If you want to replenish your supply warehouse, you can now do it cheaper. There is a 25% discount.

Prizes in game mode: If you show your skills in the Juggernaut and Big Game Hunt modes, you will get double the amount of GTA $ and RP here.

There are also three RPs when you take part in the polygon challenges in Ammu Nation stores.

Discounts on properties and vehicles

This week, there are discounts of up to 40% on selected properties and vehicles.

  • Hangars and renovations, as well as expansions with a 40% discount
  • Bunkers and renovations, as well as extensions with a 40% discount
  • Mobile command center with improvements and renovations at a 40% discount
  • Terrorbyte benefactor with improvements and restructuring with a 40% discount
  • BF Dune FAV with 30% discount
  • All Smuggler's planes run with a 35% discount
  • HVY Barrage with a 35% discount
  • HVY Menacer with 35% discount
  • Bravado halftrack with a 35% discount
  • Armed Declasse Tampa with 35% discount
  • HVY Insurgent Pickup Custom with a 35% discount
  • Mammoth Thruster with a 35% discount
  • Exceed Revolter with a 35% discount
  • Decream Screamjet with a 35% discount
  • Rhino tanks with a 35% discount

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