GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises updates & more promotions

This weekend, Rockstar Games is heralding a new content week in GTA Online. There is also something new in “The Criminal Enterprises” – an overview.

As part of the last major update “The Criminal Enterprises”, the Grotti Brioso 300 appears this week as a new vehicle in GTA Online. You can now purchase this from Benny’s Original Motor Works – including a widebody improvement. You can also find one of a total of 100 hidden sachets from LD Organics for GTA$ and RP; if you find them all, you will receive an additional GTA$ bonus and exclusive merchandise.

The bonuses are a good keyword, because GTA$ and RP can also be easily earned elsewhere. Triple that amount is available in the Southern San Andreas Supersport Series through September 14th. Even quadruple GTA$ and RP await you for completing Lamar’s contact missions and there are also triple bonuses in Stockpile.

The other highlights of the new content week at a glance:

  • Sprunk vs. eCola: Support your favorite brand by joining the official Sprunk or eCola crew on Social Club, drinking cans of their respective soda – available from vending machines, the general store or snack stash – or by picking up free Sprunk or eCola bodysuits at a Clothing store pickup
    • The winning brand rewards all players with custom merchandise: a cap, parachute backpack, varsity jacket and a GTA$300,000 bonus for logging in during the competition period through September 14th
  • Get a free eCola x Sprunk theme for the Declasse Hotring Saber and equip him with it next week
  • All melee weapons, red and green tire smoke, Sprunk and eCola skins are free
  • crime scenes are scattered throughout Los Santos – stay low profile and snag parts of a new service rifle, plus a GTA$ and RP bonus
  • Issued by Premium Deluxe Motorsport To try and buy: the Bravado Buffalo STX with bright green metallic paintwork and Sprunk Racing design, the Lampadati Michelli GT with classic red paintwork and vintage eCola design, the Ocelot Jugular in classic garnet red with sports stripes design (this week 30% off), a classic light green Benefactor Schwartzer, a Vapid Dominator ASP with a matte red finish and black classic sports stripes
  • Issued at Luxury Autos for sale: the Benefactor LM87 with red pearlescent paintwork and the Lampadati Corsita with light green pearlescent paintwork.
  • The main prize on the wheel of fortune: Enus Paragon
  • test vehicles: Vapid Hustler, Annis RE-7B, Grotti Bestia GTS
  • Prize vehicle in the LS Car Meet: Finish in the top 4 in LS Car Meet races four days in a row and win the BF Club in Sprunk Green
  • On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S:
    • Hao’s premium test vehicle: Coil Cyclone II
    • The HSW time trial of the week takes you from Pacific Bluffs to Mount Gordo
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Discounts in the new week:

  • 40% Discount on nightclubs, as well as related modifications and improvements
  • vehicle discounts:
    50% off the Vapid Chino, the Pegassi Vacca and the Benefactor XLS
    40% off the Declasse DR1, the Progen PR4, the Vapid Hustler and the Annis RE-7B as well
    30% off the Ocelot Jugular

Further advantages at a glance:

  • The perks of GTA+ this month: Members get the Lampadati Corsita for free at Legendary Motorsport, 50% more GTA$ and RP in Operation: Incriminating Documents, free apparel and accessories, and other bonuses
  • Bonuses with Prime Gaming: Those who have connected their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming and play this week will receive a bonus of GTA$125,000
GTA Online – The Criminal Enterprises is available now

With “The Criminal Enterprises” the next big update to GTA Online is now available.

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