GTA veteran Lazlow Jones leaves Rockstar Games after nineteen years – Gaming – News

Lazlow Jones, a writer, producer and radio DJ for Rockstar Games, has left the studio after nineteen years. Jones is said to have left the company in April. He has worked on the GTA series, Red Dead Redemption, Bully and Max Payne, among others.

Jones has already left the studio in April this year. That appears from his LinkedIn profile, which Jones recently updated. This change was noted by, among others YouTube user GTAMen. Jones and Rockstar do not yet give a concrete reason for his departure. Jones is currently working on series for Disney and Netflix. At the same time, he has an ‘advisory’ position at a game company.

Lazlow Jones is known for his role as the eponymous character from Grand Theft Auto, who works as an in-game talk show host and radio DJ. Jones took on this role in eight different GTA games. However, he also worked as a writer, producer and director for the GTA series and other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption, Bully and Max Payne.

In March Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser also left the company, although he had been on ‘extended leave’ since 2019. Jones and Houser collaborated on writing for Rockstar games.

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