Guaidó reported that he will attend the Prosur summit in Chile on March 22nd


March 2, 2019 08:53
Updated March 2, 2019 21:20

Juan Guaidó, interim president of the Republic, announced Saturday that he was invited by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera to visit his country on March 22 at the Prosur summit.

"There is an invitation for March 22 to go to Chile for an interesting initiative that President Piñera calls Prosur, we will do everything possible to participate," Guaidó said.

Presidents Iván Duque, Colombia and Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil, have already confirmed their participation at the meeting.

"You know we have a meeting of presidents in the month of March in our country to discuss with a high point of view and with determination, many of the problems that concern our continent, obviously Juan Guaidó is invited to this meeting," said Piñera the February 26 during a meeting with the Chilean media.

Juan Guaidó should return to Venezuela on Monday after finishing his international tour, where he visited Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador.


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