Guangzhou Hotel|Escape Luxury Hot Spring Resort Hotel!Luxurious 1,000-square-foot rooms even have private pools, package prices start at $1,462 including tax

Guangzhou Hotel|Escape Luxury Hot Spring Resort Hotel!Luxurious 1,000-square-foot rooms even have private pools, package prices start at $1,462 including tax

It’s almost the weekend, after a week’s working life, I really want to shake it up. I recommend simply going north to go to the hot springs. There is a hot spring resort hotel in Conghua District, Guangzhou that is not only a check-in element, but also good for healing. The outdoor hot spring feels like a Thai tropical garden. The room area is from 70 to 1,202 square meters.

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Few people may not be used to the Japanese-style light stripping hot springs, you can try the Guangzhou hot springs in the north, soaking in a swimsuit can also have the same relaxing effect. Guangzhou Dusit Taili Hot Spring Resort is located in Conghualiang Hot Spring District, with 138 rooms. The area ranges from 70 to 1,202 square meters, some of which have private swimming pools, bubble pools or gardens, allowing you to enjoy an independent, private and comfortable space.


An outdoor hot spring filled with the feeling of a Thai tropical garden. (official image)

When you get out of the room, you have to go to the hot spring center for a sigh. There are 4 different themes, 26 outdoor hot spring pools, and the Thai-style tropical garden scenery, which has a high degree of check-in; it is divided into Chinese and Western-style restaurants, taking care of everyone’s Cantonese cuisine stomach; Although the hotel opened in 2015, it still doesn’t feel old and it’s worth staying in.


Premier Deluxe Garden View Twin Room (official picture)


Taili Panshan Villa has a private pool and garden. (official image)


Divided into Chinese and Western restaurants, it caters for everyone’s appetite for Cantonese cuisine. (official image)


The indoor swimming room is not old at all. (official image)


Kitakami hot spring vacation, the package price starts from $1,462 including tax. (official image)

Dusit Taili Hot Spring Resort Conghua, Guangzhou

Address: No. 352, Yuquan Avenue, Liangkou, Conghua, Guangzhou

Accommodation package: starting from $1462 (including tax)

(Including buffet breakfast for two + unlimited hot springs for two + swimming pool + complimentary soft drinks from minibar + free use of hotel gym, etc.)

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