Guardiola lowers the first two sections of personal income tax and approves the ‘zero rate’ for new self-employed workers in Extremadura

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Maria Guardiola announced this Tuesday its first economic plan for the legislature, which includes a broad reduction in taxes and public fees in Extremadura. The decrease in personal income tax in the first two autonomous sections – which now sit in the 8% and the 10% in front of 12,5% current – as well as the ‘zero rate’ for new self-employed people through aid from 960 euros per year They are two of the main economic measures that the Government Council of the Government of Extremadura approved this Tuesday. It has done so through a Decree-Law of “urgent measures” for families and the economic fabric of this region, with a retroactive effect on all of them from January 1 of this year, including the 100% tax bonus. of Heritage. In addition, the registration tax is reduced, the tax on empty homes of large tenants is eliminated or the deduction of the amounts paid for renting a primary residence is raised to 30%.

This package of measures corresponds to “a first tax reduction”, Guardiola has specified, in order to address the “impact” that “economic instability” – due among other things to “high inflation” – is causing on households. Extremadurans and thus be able to increase “the disposable income” of the citizens. With these measures – Guardiola has reiterated – the aim has been to take “a crucial step” to introduce “useful” measures that reach both families and the economic fabric.

Furthermore, the leader of the PP has justified the approval by emergency means in the need to “respond immediately to those sectors that were demanding help” and that had not been heard for “a long time” and has referred to what was reflected in her electoral program: “Extremadura spoke a little over two months ago, asked for a change and now it’s time to act.”

The tax reduction, he clarified, will benefit all taxpayers, but it will do so, he specified, to a greater extent to those with low incomes (less than 22,000 euros) and medium, limiting the impact in the upper sections. For example, those taxpayers with a tax base of less than 20,200 euros will have a saving of almost 300 euros per year while those with more than 60,000 euros will receive a saving of about 43 euros per year. It is estimated that the regional coffers will stop entering due to the lowering of personal income tax for some 39.8 million euros.

As for the ‘zero rate’ for new self-employed workers, it is the first measure of those that will make up the Stimulus Program for the Creation and Consolidation of Self-Employed Work 2023-2027 that is already being prepared and will also be approved in a next phase. Guardiola has described this sector of workers as “the protagonists of economic development” and those who “have been and continue to be great sufferers today.”

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