Guardiola predicts that the region "will be the great loser of Sánchez and Puigdemont’s pact of shame"

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María Guardiola has officially presented herself in Madrid after serving just over 100 days as president of the Extremadura joint. And she did it with the help of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the national president of the PP, who supported and endorsed in this way the figure of the new baroness of the PP, despite the controversy that arose, in the middle of the electoral campaign for the general elections, by his negotiations with Vox to achieve governability in this autonomous community. In fact, Guardiola assured this Thursday the forum that he organized Europa Press that their pact is in “good health”, forgetting, at least for the moment, the strong initial discrepancies before the government agreement. Guardiola referred to the programmatic points agreed upon by both parties, of which he assured that they are already establishing their roadmap in the regional government, among them, already put into practice, the reduction of taxes and help for the self-employed.

All that seems to have already been forgotten, awaiting the approval of its first budgets, the text of which is being finalized in recent days. Guardiola referred to himself as a “vehement” person and boasted that with this personal characteristic and appreciation he has done well in his political and personal career. Aside from the communications battle in Extremadura, especially that of the “train of shame”, to criticize that the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, whom he addressed by letter, specifically on August 25, has not yet received it to address this issue, which is transcendental for Extremadura. “It is contempt,” she confirmed to underline that the Sánchez Government is in “abandoning its functions.” Guardiola stressed that he wants to meet with Sánchez’s minister to inform her of “the shortcomings of Extremadura” that have become “chronic” for years and have prevented her community from “converging with the rest of the regions.”

In addition, he has given as an example the proposal of PSOE and Sumar to reduce domestic flights when there is a rail alternative in less than two and a half hours. “When we heard the measure, we looked for the hidden camera. It seems disrespectful to us and we wonder what Extremadura has done to this Government,” he added.

The Extremaduran president also based a good part of her intervention on criticizing Sánchez’s pacts with the independentists to achieve power, “because the greatest harm is going to be Extremadura,” said Guardiola, also emphasizing the economic agreements that these pacts carry and that will cause “inequalities” between the autonomous communities. In fact, Guardiola drew applause when she asked what exactly Extremaduran farmers will gain when this pact takes place, which she described as “shameful.”

Feijóo had presented María Guardiola as a “free, prepared and determined feminist woman, with facts and realities” and predicted that her governability in Extremadura will lead to a “qualitative and quantitative” leap to the Extremadura region to remember that the new baroness of the PP was born in 1978 when Spaniards of different ideologies “shake hands” to illuminate the Constitution. The president of the PP considered that Guardiola has a “dazzling political career” ahead of him and in addition to recalling that she really likes “oaks”, he has shown “that he always puts the people of Extremadura first above all things.”

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