Guardiola sparks controversy with his comments about City fans

Josep Guardiola, the coach of the Manchester City football team, sparked a major controversy again over his statements about the fans attending the team’s matches at the Etihad Stadium, and he was asked to comply with the matters of the team.

Guardiola asked the team’s fans to attend the Southampton match, which will be held on Saturday, during a television interview, after the victory over Leipzig yesterday, Wednesday, in the opening matches of the team in the Champions League.

The coach may have been well-intentioned about his unwarranted comments, but it has angered some Manchester City fans who feel they have been led to unfair questioning of their loyalty to the team.

“I would like more people to come for our next match on Saturday,” Guardiola told BT Sport after beating Leipzig 6-3 at the Etihad Stadium, which saw the attendance of 38,062 fans.

He added, “We will need more people next Saturday, please, because we will be tired. I invite all people to come Saturday to watch the match.”

Manchester City’s low attendance at Champions League matches, where not all tickets are sold, is often used as a stick to beat the club by fans of other teams.

However, there are many reasons why full tickets are not being sold out, and Kevin Parker, general secretary of the Manchester City fan club, feels Guardiola has unnecessarily inflamed the situation.

“It really surprised me. I’m not sure what it has to do with it,” Parker told British news agency BAA Media.

He added, “He does not understand the difficulties that some people have faced in attending matches at Al-Ittihad Stadium on Wednesday night.”

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He stressed, “They have children thinking about them, they may not be able to save the ticket price. There are still some issues related to the Corona virus… I don’t know why he is commenting on this.”

And he added: “Obviously he is the best coach in the world, but in the best possible way, I think he should stick to that.”

And he added: “It erases the night that was beautiful. People talk about Guardiola’s statements more than the great match.”

He stressed, “The questioning of support, which he is currently doing, is disappointing and unnecessary.”


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