Guatemala votes in elections marked by the judicial attempt to prevent the candidacy of the change

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Guatemala votes this Sunday in convulsive elections marked by the judicialization of the process promoted by those who have wanted to prevent political change in the country. Since the candidate of the Seed MovementBernardo Arévalo de León, burst in by surprise in the first round, managing to finish second, the Prosecutor’s Office and a judge colluded to expel him from the race, accusing him of fraud.

In this context of judicialization of the elections, the magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Blanca Alfaro He announced, as soon as voting began, that on Tuesday he will present his resignation to Congress. In this way, she said that she could be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, although she did not give details of what she is accused of. Despite this, she insisted that “everyone says that there are criminal actions against us as magistrates and, if the authorities of the Public Ministry consider that I should appear before Justice, I will do it.” Alfaro denounced having received threats of death on his mobile phone and for three months, they have placed papers in his vehicle warning him that he will end up in jail.

Since the first round held on June 25, the TSE has been in the spotlight by defending democracy and refusing to suspend the legal personality of the Seed Movement ordered by the judge of the Court Seventh Fredy Orellana, at the request of the Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Impunity (FECI). Specifically, the head of the FECI, Rafael Curruchichewhich in 2022 was included in the US Engel List of corrupt and undemocratic actors, accuses Semilla of illegally adhering to this party more than 300 people “by forging their handwriting and signature”, as well as registering “18 deceased people”.

These judicial actions against the party of the candidate Bernardo Arévalo de León, who led the intention to vote, provoked numerous demonstrations in recent months in front of the Prosecutor’s Office to denounce a “coup d’état” by the the state in which that sees its power threatened with the irruption of Semilla, a party born from the massive protests against corruption in 2015. A few days after the second round, Curruchiche even warned that more raids, new arrest warrants and requests for withdrawal of immunity that could affect Bernardo Arévalo himself in order to be investigated and imprisoned.

All this judicial earthquake did not prevent thousands of people from voting this Sunday between two antagonistic projects: the ultra-conservative Sandra Torres, from the National Unity of Hope, who opposes abortion and sexual diversity and who for the third consecutive time tries to preside over the country. Facing him was the social democrat Bernardo Arévalo de León, from the Seed Movement, who has promised to get the country out of “swamp of corruption”.

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