Guerra al Brotzu, a general strike of all staff proclaimed: “Positive patients in unsuitable environments”

New winds of war at Brotzu, desperate trade unions: “COVID cannot be an extenuating disaster for this disaster. Departments without staff and the promiscuity of positive patients in unsuitable environments favors the circulation of the virus with the related dramatic consequences of infections”.

There are no doubts for trade unionists: Gianfranco Angioni USB Sanità, Diego Murracino Nursing Up, Fabrizio Anedda Nursind, Giovanni Congiu Cisna and Marco Pulisci Fs: “There is no more time to waste, the emergency room and the OBI are still there. outpost of the emergency and, in the various departments and services the situation has become explosive and unsustainable. Numerous nurses, OSS and other workers are becoming infected and ill again. The staff, now exhausted and reduced to the bone, cannot take on organizational and safety tasks that are beyond their responsibilities.
In various departments the Social Health Operators and nurses continue to be absent during the night shift, and they find themselves carrying out not only welfare duties but also all the activities of hotel comfort with an evident denigration and demotion of their profession.

The SDGs are no less, by now they are used as a real labor force, mortified and deprived of specific skills that could instead support the various welfare activities.

The discontent is now palpable and general, the workers have lost that sense of belonging, despite this with great sacrifice and a spirit of self-denial they continue to guarantee continuity of care. The perception of the protections that should guarantee the Prevention and Protection Service, completely adrift, is non-existent on the part of the operators.
To this organizational drama, the administration adds an arrogance and a deafening silence towards our requests with the evident attempt to gag and isolate us.

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With the publication of the latest resolutions, the clumsy maneuver to cut the dissonant voices of our representatives out of the RSU and RLS is evident.

Faced with these warlike oppositions, the trade unions Nursing Up, Usb Sanità, Nursind and Fsi have given a mandate to the lawyer Giovanni Cristian Melis and, today 16/07/2022 a warning was sent to the Director General of Arnas Brotzu Dr. Agnese Foddis, the pro tempore President of the works of the USW Assembly Dr. Irene Desogus and the Director of the Personnel Service Dr. Maria Teresa Garau.
Although the legislation is clear, the pro tempore President of the RSU has communicated the names of the Delegation of the Treaty to the General Management of Brotzu, excluding the representation of our trade unions. In defiance of both the regulations in force and the will expressed by hundreds of workers with the vote in the recent RSU elections which have assigned several seats to the trade unions. Nursing up, Usb Sanità, Nursind and Fsi.
In all this context, the General Management of Brotzu has seized the ball and despite being aware of the rules regarding the electoral result of the RSU, the delegation dealing with the RSU and the RLS has deliberated as communicated by the pro tempore President of the works of the RSU Assembly.

See a group of other trade unionists elected in the RSU del Brotzu carry out a plan aimed at reducing trade union strength exercised with force and honesty by union leaders who for years have distinguished themselves for the numerous initiatives to protect the workers elected in the Nursing Up, Usb, Nursind and Fsi makes us understand the conflict of interest of certain subjects. Several of them wear the double jacket of Functional and Organization Positions completely smoothed out to employer policies and, well paid with economic resources that weigh on the bottom of the working conditions, with an evident
harm to the wages of male and female workers.

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In this bleak picture, since we no longer have alternatives to dialogue, we have asked the Prefect of Cagliari to conclude the cooling procedures with negative results and proceed with the proclamation of a general strike by the staff of the Healthcare Department employed by Brotzu ”.

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