Guests in nudist club disturb firefighting of firefighters


Burned out: sauna club in Hamminkeln
Picture: dpa

In a fire in a sauna club in North Rhine-Westphalia, guests have taken away the firefighting hoses and splashed each other. In the building a lifeless man was found.

BIn a large fire in a sauna club in North Rhine-Westphalia, guests have severely hampered the firefighting work. Three guests of the nudist club in Hamminkeln apparently completely misjudged the seriousness of the situation, took the firefighters from the extinguishing hoses and sprayed each other, as the police in Wesel announced. For another guest, the fire ended fatally on the night of Sunday. Firefighters found the man lifeless in the building.

The three men who obstructed the firing order were taken into custody, according to police. The building was almost completely destroyed by the fire.

The nudist club advertises on its website with sauna, whirlpool, wellness shower and steam bath. It remained “between wellness, eroticism and other pleasures certainly nothing to be desired,” it says.

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