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Personal needs, styles and preferences are constantly evolving in today’s world. As such, users deserve devices that can keep up with them: smart mobile experiences that are as diverse and adaptable as they are. The newly released Galaxy Z Flip4 is exactly that kind of device, fine-tuned to express your style through its design, features, and even angles. Equipped with an iconic form factor that can be positioned to different degrees to unlock a treasure trove of innovative features, this is a smartphone designed to give you the most personalized experience.

Samsung put together this user guide, breaking down every angle to show how the Galaxy Z Flip4’s unique form factor gives you personalized experiences, inside and out.

0 degrees: unlock the full potential of the cover screen

The Galaxy Z Flip4 offers a complete smartphone experience that folds to half the size to fit in a compact pocket, and even when folded, it fits easily in your pocket. Plus, many of its various features are even optimized to be used without ever opening it. For example, with Quick Setting, you can turn airplane mode or flashlight on and off, and easily adjust screen brightness. Easily reply to messages, make a call, or access your Samsung Wallet1 – all from the Z Flip4’s 1.9-inch Cover Screen. You can even easily choose the widgets you want to use right on the Cover Screen, making the Z Flip series even more convenient and accessible.

By pressing the side button twice, it is possible to activate Quick Shot, a feature that allows you to take high-resolution selfies using the Z Flip4’s main cameras directly from the Cover Screen. With improved Quick Shot, which now supports a Cover Screen preview that reflects the photo’s true aspect ratio, as well as Portrait Mode, you can take high-quality photos whenever and wherever you are. You can even use the Z Flip4 closed as a mirror to quickly check your appearance before heading out.

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∠ 75 degrees – Create your own photo shoot experience with FlexCam

Capture photos and videos from different vantage points at bolder angles than ever before with the Z Flip4. With FlexCam, you can use the Galaxy Z Flip4’s cameras at different folded angles, opening up a wide range of new perspectives never before possible on mainstream smartphones, giving you more control over your selfies than ever before.

High-resolution main cameras and Cover Screen photo previews do more than just allow for great selfies. These features can work together with the Z Flip4’s wide range of angles to deliver dynamic full-body shots, transforming your smartphone into an adjustable tripod that fits perfectly in your pocket. Take total control of your look and get stylish, flattering angles without the need to accessorize or ask others to take photos for you. You can even tilt the Z Flip4 75 degrees and place it on the ground for bold, stylistic shots that could be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Out with friends and want to take a group photo? With the Z Flip4 no one is left out of the shot! Just place your device at the angle you want on a nearby surface and strike your poses. FlexCam lets you trigger the camera by raising your palm, all without pressing a button, and the shutter sound lets you know your photo was taken successfully. No more worrying about camera timers and random pleas to strangers for hassle-free, natural group photos.

∠ 90 degrees: camera features that drive versatile photography and content creation

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Today, more users than ever before are creating and enjoying short-form video content like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, and the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the perfect companion for it. Designed with the preferences of Millennials and Generation Z in mind, the Z Flip4 allows you to conveniently create content online. For example, you can take a vlog using high-quality video recording in Quick Shot mode and then seamlessly switch to Flex mode to continue recording hands-free – all without stopping the video.

For handheld shots, the Galaxy Z Flip4 can be held like a camcorder. Soon, users will also be able to try panoramic photos by holding the smartphone while it is bent at 90 degrees.

The Z Flip4 is also perfect for capturing night scenes when taking an atmospheric evening stroll. The Z Flip4 is equipped with a 65% brighter image sensor than its previous generation, enabling high-quality night photography even when the sky is completely dark. Nightography mode is optimized for using the camera in these conditions and minimizes the washed out and blurry effect used to make night photography more difficult to achieve. Now you can get bright, sharp photos with less image noise!

∠ 115 degrees: Split your screen space to meet your multitasking needs2

With its fourth generation, the Z Flip series took Flex mode to the next level with more refined features. The Z Flip4 adds a touchpad within Flex mode that allows you to control your mouse cursor to pause, rewind, or play videos without picking up the device.

Multitasking is also more intuitive and easier to activate, thanks to new swipe gestures. Simply swipe up on the screen with two fingers to split it down the middle, or swipe in from the top two corners to instantly switch apps from full screen to popups. With Multi Window, you can watch a movie on the top screen while taking notes on the bottom screen, all while simultaneously chatting with friends in a message thread and planning your route to meet them.

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∠ 180 degrees: the best self-expression tool with a variety of colors and combinations

Our smartphones can play an important role in expressing our individuality, and the Galaxy Z Flip4 is no exception: you can complement your style with a premium design in heritage colors including Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue. With the slimmer hinge, refined edges, contrasting foggy back glass, and shiny metal frames, the new design is our most refined yet.

The Cover Screen is the focal point of the Z Flip4’s surface: it is the part of the phone that receives the most exposure and acts as a window into the user’s personality. For example, comprehensive screen customization options include the ability to change Cover Screen backgrounds in various formats, such as images, GIFs, and now even videos. You can take advantage of the Z Flip4’s various creative camera features to create the perfect Cover Screen background, then add the clock style of your choice from the expanded list of clock skins to complete the picture.

From the moment you open the Galaxy Z Flip4, a new experience in mobile technology unfolds in front of you. From 0 to 180 degrees, it’s a panoramic device designed to perfectly fit your unique lifestyle.

1Feature only available in select countries.

2Turn on the Flex Mode feature from Settings > Labs.

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