Guided too fast, flashing - this couple did not have to pay any penalty

At 14 kilometers to too much time on October 31, a car was driving a road to Munich. There was a speed camera, got the vehicle – followed a nice letter. But the driver presented an objection – and not only was he freed from the fine, but he even received a congratulatory letter. How can it be?

It was a bit like those you know from the movies: a couple rushed into the car in the middle of the night, while the pregnant woman announced her birth. And everything went much faster than you had planned. Calling an ambulance would take too long – so the man put his partner in the car and trampled the gas to get to the hospital on time. Then he reported "". Fortunately, the streets were free at this time of the night.

How short was the sprint in the delivery room, shows a tweet, which the brand new mother later shared:

At 2.14 clock, the couple got into the car with the car in the radar control. At 2:27, the child was born. The young father sent his daughter's birth certificate to the police department as proof of the urgency of driving in the car – and police officers responded in a sovereign and humane way. The investigation was "interrupted", according to the letter that reached the couple. "We congratulate your daughter's birth."

This was an "absolute decision case by case", the police clarified to the website "" – of course, this is not a carte blanche for those who need to reach the supermarket in time to get a liter of milk before closing. "And he drove to 14 km / h too quickly, not to 40", the new aunt joined the discussion on social media to appease some indignant commentators.

We probably all agree that the imminent birth of their child is one of the very few reasons that justify failure to comply with traffic rules.

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